Networking fundamentals course

In September, our four weeks course on “Networking Fundamentals” came to an end. The course was led by Wouter van den Bergh, a Security analyst at our sponsor Axians.

The course was a great addition to the curriculum of Cyberworkplace. In the world of security, students must understand how networks and the internet work. The course covered networking basics and allowed the participants to fully understand how corporate networks and the internet function.

Project Ares

Students had the opportunity to experience Project ARES. Project ARES is an immersive cybersecurity training and assessment platform. It provides cybersecurity teams and individuals with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics.

D5-IQ B.V. sponsored the lessons and access to this AI-powered gamified learning platform. They are a high-tech security consultancy firm and value- added partner and distributor of Project ARES in Europe. The workshop was given by Steven Djohan, Harold Vermanen, and Daniel Abrahams.

Workshops & other activities

  • Introduction Team High Tech Crime by Lieske Zonderland and Wouter Klijnsoon @Police
  • We welcomed Envy Cheung to our team. She assists us in optimizing our marketing strategy while working on her graduation thesis.
  • We reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn.
  • We launched the 1st edition of the Cyberworkplace magazine.