How do we strengthen our cybersecurity defences amidst evolving security challenges and technological advancements?

💡 In this joint UK-NL white paper Revnext, D5-IQ and Immersive Labs introduce an innovative new initiative – Cybercrafters: Transforming cybersecurity through vocational training.

In this paper Anouk Vos (Revnext) and Harold Vermanen (D5-IQ) articulate the imperative need to redefine cybersecurity education to serve a broader audience – from basic users seeking threat awareness to security experts requiring hands-on experience.

🚀 Moving beyond analysis, the duo, alongside Immersive Labs, unveils Cybercrafters – a collaborative initiative aiming to revolutionize the cybersecurity education landscape. The program’s ultimate goal is to cultivate a knowledgeable and diverse workforce proficient in cybersecurity craftsmanship. This expertise extends to understanding threats and advancements, providing benefits to organizations across sectors and societal institutions.

As the Cybercrafters program takes root in the Netherlands and the UK, the authors emphasize its broader societal impact. Beyond securing organizations, it ensures alignment with current requirements and fortifies defense against cybersecurity risks. From a business standpoint, investing in foundational skills for a larger group becomes a cost-effective strategy, addressing constraints such as limited time and budget.

🤝 Recognizing the critical role of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape, the authors passionately appeal for partnerships and support from the Dutch and UK governments. They stress the need for a collective effort to expedite the transformation envisioned through the Cybercrafters program. In an era where cybersecurity knowledge is analogous to an arms race, a broad defense strategy is imperative. Let’s join hands in fostering cybercraftsmanship and pave the way for a more secure digital landscape for everyone.

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